We innovate to offer unique and creative solutions to all projects. We combine our expertise with novelty techniques and machinery to achieve successful solutions. We look for customized solutions for your projects and to fulfil your challenges.

Development of work inspection equipment with drones

Use of non-conventional equipment due to lack of space.

Auto-cranes for special areas

Compact crane equipped with vision cameras to enhance safety, remote control to improve mobility. Vario Base system for improving stability crane, cargo zone limitation software, and many other advantages.

Nano-cranes for special areas

Nano-crane with hybrid operation to get in areas with difficult access for other type of machinery. Nano-crane is specially prepared to work inside zones having electric operation and plastic chains to avoid any damage of the floor in the action area.

Special equipment for special areas

Electro-hydraulic lifting jacks with synchronized lifting system.

Electric self-propelled tanks.

We innovate solutions and we have novelty machinery with an excellent maintenance guaranteed

Mobile cranes

We have a modern park of mobile cranes that allows us to make any kind of heavy load activity such as rescue vehicles, debris, assembling and dismantling of tower cranes, electric wiring, etc., using specific machinery.


We have a fleet of mounted cranes truck, which are equipped with feathers of assorted sizes for all kind of movements and/or transport of specific machinery or goods.

Special transport

We have tractors, trailers and semitrailers with platform trucks and heavy support for the transport of materials, industrial materials or equipment, or other goods.  We manage all the special permissions relevant to circulate with greater sizes than those allowed.